sunny southern california

Once again, I have a short stay with technology and am attempting to get my blog more current. We have been so busy this summer building, tending to the garden, and immersing ourselves in yoga and meditation that I haven’t found a moment to spare to update my poor neglected blog. I’m tempted to skip ahead to the present, but decided it would make more sense when I look back on it if I just tell about our travels in order. I wrote this post months ago and for some silly reason never posted it. I think I’m pretty much caught up on my sleep finally (no longer falling asleep before Esme,) so hopefully I can continue to document our travels this past spring.

Currently we are living and working just outside of Nevada City, California at the Ananda College of Living Wisdom, but after we left the mountains of Santa Barbara, we headed down to the SoCal desert. A friend of ours lives and works at Flying Disc Ranch, a date and citrus farm south of Palm Springs. We had a wonderful visit. It was great to see our friend Christina again, who we met at a cob workshop last June. And as usual we met some wonderful people along the way. Here is a picture of the palapa we stayed in during out visit.

We left with all kinds of goodies, the most delicious dates and oranges we have ever tasted, a fabulous Liberty of London tote bag that I use all the time, some local olive oil, and some chia seeds to make chia frescas. So simple and so delicious, the kids love it, and it is really good for you. Just sprinkle some chia seeds in some water, add a splash of fresh lime juice, wait for the chia’s to soften in the water, and drink with a straw. Very refreshing, thanks for everything Christina and Robert!

After we left Flying Disc Ranch we had a short, but amazing visit at Joshua Tree. The scenery was breathtaking, too bad the campsites weren’t a little more spread out. Unfortunately, I didn’t really have time to take any pictures, but here is the postcard we picked up on our way out of town.

Then, on Christina’s suggestion, we stopped at the Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel, for a nice hot soak in their mineral pools. What an amazing deal, only $3 per person on Tuesdays. I can’t think of a better way to spend the day than relaxing in the sun in a warm soaking pool.

I’m so glad we decided to spend the winter in Southern California. The SoCal desert would make a fabulous February tradition!


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