building with round wood

The project that brought us to Spirit Pine Sanctuary was the construction of a round wood timber framed dojo.  Pablo has been wanting to gain more experience with round wood, so this was the perfect project for him.  Our friend Micah helped with the design of the dojo and taught the crew about round wood joinery.  The wood was Eucalyptus, a very hard wood, and it brought many challenges to those working with it.  The project was supposed to take 3 months to complete, with roof, walls, and flooring.  But instead it took 3 months to complete just the footings, the trench foundation, and framing of the posts and the top plates.  The crew had many hands helping, including high school kids from an outdoor school, young adults from a near by eco-community, and lots of friends and family of the Spirit Pine Sanctuary.  Overall it was a long hard 3 months filled with many great experiences and new friends.  Thank you Spirit Pine, we learned so much


To get an idea of it’s scale, you can see little Esme walking toward the dojo.

Here are a couple other projects we worked on during our stay.  Pablo helped put a roof over the forage.

We helped put the finishing touches on this bench for a charter school in LA.  I helped with the plaster, Pablo helped with the roof.




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