cob mountain paradise

For the last few months we have been hard at work, learning and living in the mountains.  I hope these pictures can convey the beauty that can be created when many hands come together to create shelter for a family that strives to be stewards to their sanctuary.

The cook shack is the oldest building at Spirit Pine Sanctuary.  It was built before Betty had very much knowledge about natural building.  It doesn’t even have a foundation, but is standing strong, after enduring years of strong winds and storms.  To me it is a testament to the strength and durability of an earthen shelter.  Building with cob is amazingly forgiving, it seems to me harder to mess it up than to build it to last.  The cook shack was only meant to be a temporary structure, but year after year it provides a cozy place to share meals or to curl up to read a book.

This is where our family lived for the majority of our stay on the mountain.  It is a cozy two room cottage with a great covered porch and a courtyard.  We were very comfortable here.

Here is a beautiful duplex home.

This is a ferrocement water tank that was built to store water that comes from one of the springs.  It collects enough water for drinking, bathing, and irrigating the garden.  I learned some important water conservation habits spending time in the high dessert climate.

Cozy little bathhouse and hot tub that overlooks a frog pond.  They provided lovely music at night.

My favorite structure was grandma’s house.  Such a warm, inviting little home, complete with a little kitchen, Rumford fireplace, and a sleeping loft.

I really like the way the lime plaster meets the bare cob walls on this building.

Looking down on the grounds from above.


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