plastering at spirit pine

Our time in the mountains of Santa Barbara are coming to an end.  We have been busily finishing up various natural building projects, and putting the finishing touches on our new traveling home.  Limited electricity, internet connection, and time have caused me to badly neglect my blog.  At the moment we are staying with friends who have abundant energy, internet, and hot water (my favorite!) Good time for me to catch up on some posts.

I loved being a part of several plaster projects during our stay at Spirit Pine.  The kids are great helpers when it comes to plastering.  They like helping me shovel and sift sand and manure to make the plaster.  And they definitely love putting the plaster on the building.  That part is a little tricky and usually just makes more work for me, but it is great that they want to be a part of it, and for me a practice in patience.  Check them out hard at work.

One afternoon Esme was playing with a shovel in a sand pile, sporting her new thrift store bathing suit.  I left her to go grab my camera and came back to find her with her hands in a bucket of mud spreading it all over the newly plastered white barn, yikes!  She was having loads of fun and was not very happy with me when I wiped off her lovely plaster job.  I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots before I interrupted her hard work.

I think she was born to plaster!


~ by beautifulgreenlife on March 4, 2011.

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