thanksgiving at spirit pine sanctuary

What a blessing to spend a day of thanksgiving with our inspirational new friends on a gorgeous sanctuary in the mountains of Santa Barbara County.  It feels like a refuge sent from heaven – a warm sunny place to live, work, learn, and let our children roam.  Betty and Tataucho moved here ten years ago, living in tents and harvesting water from a trickling spring.  Now they have running water, a snug little bathhouse, cozy cob cottages, and are surrounded by streams of friends and family.  We are learning so much about natural building and more importantly about how to live in partnership with the land.  Oliver and Esme are having a great time exploring the mountain, finding treasures like animal bones and rocks, and riding the horses.  Oliver loves to  practice shooting his bow and arrow.

What a gorgeous thanksgiving feast we had.

Being so accustomed to overcast weather, I am now constantly amazed by the beautiful sky, sunrises, sunsets, the clear starry nights, it’s all so breathtaking.

What a treat to enjoy a warm beach in November!

We love it here!


~ by beautifulgreenlife on December 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “thanksgiving at spirit pine sanctuary”

  1. wow, amazing to see life through your eyes! So simple and beautiful. please post more and i want to see pictures of your cob house, its nice to have a mental picture of where you are living! 🙂

  2. I have been spending the morning reading up on Tautacho… it’s nice to see he’s come home to Figueroa Mtn. I met Tautacho back in the late ’70s when I came across Grampa Semu and his clan. They all changed my life. I’m so glad the tradition continues. Have you been over the mountain and gone to Muhu Tasen? East end of the Cuyama Valley, down the road from Ventucopa.

    The whole of the central coast is a deeply spiritual place and its beauty unmatched.

    kwel mehc! Thanks for sharing…

    allan (in Oregon)

    • Tautacho truly is an inspirational soul, we think back on our stay with them with very fond feelings. We haven’t been to Muhu Tasen, but will definitely have to explore more in that beautiful country 🙂

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