missing our oregon friends

We are off on a new adventure now, having a fabulous time in southern California.  Although I am really enjoying the sun and warmth in the high dessert climate here, it really does make me appreciate the lush green of Oregon.  We are also very much missing our dear Oregon friends.  We had some busy last months in Oregon, cobbing away,

apparently cob doesn’t taste so good.

We got in one last trip to the river with our friends.

Oliver and I helped Thomas and Kalenna celebrate their big day by baking this cake. I was amazed that it actually turned out, couldn’t have done it without Oliver’s help.  I can’t wait to find an excuse to make another one!

And of course we squeezed in as much blueberry picking as possible, and are well stocked with canned blueberry sauce for the winter.

In the midst of all that fun I endured endless amounts of packing, thank goodness that is over. After a full month of ten to twelve hours of sleep each night I think I have finally recovered from the stress of our move.  I can’t wait to post some pictures of our temporary home in Santa Barbara County.  Hopefully I will stop falling asleep with the kids and find some time to edit my photos.


~ by beautifulgreenlife on November 20, 2010.

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