cobbing in coquille

After our visit in sunny California last month, we headed to The Cob Cottage Co., near the coast in Coquille, Oregon.  What a difference in climate.  It is so lush and beautiful, the land dripping with moss and ferns.  But, wow, I wish we would’ve packed our winter coats.  I often layered myself in almost every sweater I brought.  We did enjoy some warm sunny afternoons, though, especially nice for mixing up a batch of cob.

It was such a gift to be able to participate in this workshop.  Pablo, in his unending generosity, hung out with the kids while I cobbed away.  I learned so much from our very talented teachers, Max and Eva.  It was a joy to spend the week with them.  I’m discovering that, for me, one the best parts about cob is the relationships you make during cob building process.

We built arches and garden walls.

Here are some folks using earth plaster to put the finishing touches on the fireplace.

I was inspired by the talent in the group.  Here is some of the art that graced the garden wall.

But I think the most inspirational part of the week was the children’s fort that the young adults, teens, and children, built together.  Wow, what a special get away!  I love the fern roof.

Some of the youngest members of the building crew.

And I can’t forget to mention that Oliver lost his first tooth!


~ by beautifulgreenlife on July 26, 2010.

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