building a tiny house

Right now we are stuck in a life that demands more than we have to give and requires us to spend lots of time away from each other.  As I have mentioned before, we are searching for ways to bring more balance to our lives.  We wish to change the way we live, so that we can spend more time together, be it working or playing, and to find a livelihood that we love, not one that we must recover from in our spare time.  Making the transition is proving to be quite a challenge.  But one solution that we have come up with to ease the burden, a little, is to build a tiny house.  Luckily there are already plenty of people paving the way and lots of resources for simple living. A couple of our favorites in the tiny house movement are Tiny Texas Houses and Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. Check out their work:

They are so cute.  They remind me of The Berenstain Bears vacation home in The Bears’ Vacation, such a funny book.  I can honestly say I am looking forward to living in a smaller home. Having lived in both big and small houses, I prefer small. They are way easier to keep tidy, you can’t accumulate as much stuff, and our kids play much more independently. I guess it’s because they know you can’t ever be too far away. Somethings that I don’t plan on sacrificing are good design and craftsmanship. It just feels good to live in a beautiful space.

We have been having lots of fun designing our tiny house.  The not so fun part is figuring out what to do with all the stuff we have accumulated in our lives.  So this is our summer project.  Our goal is to try and use as much salvaged and recycled materials as possible, and see how little we might be able to spend on such a project.  Naturally, we will build as green as possible and will do our best to avoid toxic, off-gassing substances. Of course this will not be a permanent living situation, only one that will give us the time and freedom to decide how and where we might create the beautiful green life we are seeking.


~ by beautifulgreenlife on May 12, 2010.

One Response to “building a tiny house”

  1. You know, Lauren…we have a “tiny house” community that lives like 3 miles from us. You should come and visit…if I get a chance I will take some photos to post. I must say all your entries are truly inspiring and I am very happy that you and your beautitful family are doing so well. It makes my heart warm and fuzzy!
    Miss seeing you!

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