We had such a fun spring break.  The weather was gorgeous for the most part.  It’s amazing how much the sun affects my spirits!  We hung out with friends, played lots of games, went to the soaking pool, but the best part of all was visiting the Cob Cottage Company


We visited Linda and Ianto at their annual work party.  Just reading their book, The Hand Sculpted House, has changed my life.  But spending a weekend with them is enough to inspire me to move to the woods and give up hot showers.  Well, not quite, I think hot showers might be the one thing in life I could never give up.  Luckily, if you spend a little time with Linda and Ianto, you learn that hot showers are something you don’t have to give up.  Solar heated and propane heated showers are some of the amenities at the Cob Cottage Company.  And they have a cob bathhouse under construction that will be heated with a rocket stove and even house some lemon trees. 


There is a wealth of knowledge on off-grid living, permaculture, and cob building nestled in just 30 acres of woods in Coquille, Oregon.  In our short stay we learned how to harvest duff (old decaying stumps) and use it in the garden or the composting toilet.  We harvested moss for the living roofs of the cottages.  We helped build a cob bench by mixing sand, clay and water with our feet and molding the bench with our hands.  We met great people, worked outside all day, and ate delicious food (they even turned Oliver into a voracious salad eater!).  At night our bodies were tired, and we drifted easily off to sleep in our snug little cottage.


It was simply beautiful.  I can’t wait to go back and soak up more.


~ by beautifulgreenlife on March 28, 2010.

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