a bonfire birthday

The day started out with beautiful blue skies, perfect weather for an outdoor party.  Around noon, the clouds started rolling in, by 2 pm, it was cold and raining.  It is hard planning a birthday party for portland spring weather.  Fifteen kids indoors would be crazy, outdoors it could be miserable.  Unless, you make a bonfire under nice sheltering trees, roast hot dogs, and sip some warm apple cider.  So that is what we did, and we all had a fabulous time.  Thankfully, the rain did let up just as the party started, and the fire was perfect for staying warm and toasty (thanks to our friend Katie for making it for us:)


It turned out to be a double celebration, one of Oliver’s schoolmates has the same birthday.  And his mother made the most delicious cake.  Thank you Nicole!


The pinata was a big hit, as always.  And of course Esme had to get in on the action.  The pirate had lost his body by this point, but was still fun to whack all the same.


I vote for making the bonfire birthday an annual tradition.


~ by beautifulgreenlife on March 28, 2010.

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  1. We love the pictures……

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