a skeleton vampire and a fairy

Oliver had a great time this halloween, romping around the neighborhood with his friends.  He had very specific ideas about his halloween costume and was very happy with the way it turned out (thanks to Pablo’s artistic hand.)


Don’t mess with the skeleton vampire or you’ll be sorry.


I managed to get a few shots in before it got too dark.  Esme is generally running the other direction these days, so pictures are a great challenge.




After a few pieces of candy Oliver was happy to trade his loot for a toy from The Great Pumpkin, so that worked out nicely for everyone.  Esme’s wings only stayed on for the pictures, then she asked for them to be “off.”  But she enjoyed riding along in the stroller, and she enjoyed her first lollypop.  I think Oliver was probably 3 yrs old before he had any candy, it’s so much harder to keep junk food away from the second baby.  It inevitably finds its way into our life and she is determined to do everything her big brother does.  I did think ahead, and bought some organic lollypops without any corn syrup in them, but still she is only 18 months old!  For the most part I have been very careful with the foods she eats, mostly good quality protein, veggies, and whole grains.  But on occassions like halloween, unlike when Oliver was a baby, I more easily make an exception.  I guess it is because now I am balancing the needs and desires of two children instead of one.

What a pretty fairy she made.



~ by beautifulgreenlife on November 10, 2009.

One Response to “a skeleton vampire and a fairy”

  1. What BEAUTIFUL babies you have! They are blessed to have you as their Mom. Sending you all love from Kentucky ❤

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